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November 2008



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Nov. 1st, 2008


Halloween for E'm~grief~ + "Important Live"

At Shinjuku RUIDO K4 yesterday, E'm~grief~ performed their entire setlist, but added a little twist! The band apparently remixed Pains of aspiration and Eternal melody into special "Halloween" versions! The audience met the remixes with positive reactions~

The set list is as follows

10/30 Shinjuku RUIDO K4
1. Seelenheil
2. 独白の空
3. Pains of aspiration*
-MC -
4. Eternal melody ~Halloween Party~

Cecir wrote that during their MC, Rita announced that their November 6th live at Shibuya O-WEST would be an "important live". November 6th is Yuuze's birthday, so perhaps a special birthday event? We'll find out soon what the boys have in store for us then.

*Though not credited as a remix, Cecir's blog states otherwise.

Oct. 31st, 2008


Sold out!

KISAKI announced in his blog yesterday that 「Eternal melody」&「Pains of aspiration」are completely sold out (in Japan)! This is certainly an achievement considering some singles from other bands released around the same time are still available. Congratulations boys!

Oct. 26th, 2008


Yuuze the Chosen + Death trap-ID

In a recent Cure interview with KISAKI, the following Q&A was asked:

Q: Going back to the topic of producing, recently, you've been giving musical input to other bands as well.
KISAKI: For Deshabillz, by reconstructing their outlook I managed their musical direction and composition. The release that Megaromania will put out this November contains a song I drafted. On top of that, for E'm~grief~, I played the bass parts for all of their songs. You could say that the leader of E'm~grief~, Yuuze, is one of the people I hope to leave an important part of myself with.

Seems like Yuuze is earning praise from KISAKI. Perhaps he is UCP's next Riku and Takafumi?

As for their Death trap-ID event, I'm pleased to report that all of their shirts/tickets were completely sold out! The band says it was an enjoyable experience, and they thank everyone who came in support. Cecir apparently pranced about Harajuku in full costume after the event!

Glad to see our boys doing very well under KISAKI!

Oct. 6th, 2008


9.30.2008 Shibuya BOXX Live + Takadanobaba AREA

Though this is older, I felt it would be interesting to members of the community.

E'm~grief~ have been posting in their blog about a very successful 3rd and 4th live live! Their third live took place at Shibuya BOXX on September 30th, 2008, and their 4th live took place at the Takadanobaba AREA on October 3rd, 2008. Cecir was kind enough to post up the set list for both lives:

1. Seelenheil
2. Pains of aspiration
-MC- + Cecir Time
3. Eternal melody

Apparently Cecir has a little segment in their MC's he calls "Cecir Time". From what I understand its just him bumbling on humorously about things. He was also kind enough to give us a small picture of them performing live!

There's a boat load more of photos over at their official blog! Mostly the band posing backstage or them moping around the band van. It looks like our boys are starting to stand out a little bit!

Oct. 5th, 2008



Welcome to sky_monologue, a fan community for the visual kei band E'm~grief~!

Anything regarding the band is allowed here, including past bands/projects. If you happen to find a piece of news that we dont, feel free to post it and contribute to the community!

And here is some info about the band:

E'm~grief~ was formed by two ex-Juka support members, Yuuze (Ba.) and Cecir (Gt.). They recruited Yuu (now Rita), ex-CalorZe, from his temporary hiatus in music, and recruited Maju, ex-Siva support for drums. The band goes under the concept of "I'm~grief~", which Cecir says "revolves around the life of a pierrot". The band combines a rock sound with heavy synth, rivitting bass, and neo-classical elements.

Their first 2 singles were met with mixed reviews by both critics and fans, some calling them an average band, while others referring to them as misunderstood geniuses. With all being said, E'm~grief~ has established itself with a unique sound, and aims to carve itself out into the Visual Kei scene as a driving force.